Tax Relief Services

Tax relief, sometimes known as tax resolution, is the process of working to resolve any issues that someone has with a taxing authority. Usually this is the Internal Revenue Service (IRS.) However, it also includes the State and in Ohio municipalities, Including the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA), the Central Collection Agency (CCA) and many individual Cities and Villages. Since 1979, I have worked with and for a variety of tax authorities in northeast Ohio, helping taxpayers resolve tax problems. I have helped people all over Ohio to deal with their city income tax and the IRS. With me, you will have the confidence that I know the best way to solve your tax problems, no matter where you live.

Tax Relief Solutions

As your representative, I work to find the best possible solution to your tax problem. Possible solutions can include:

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  • Penalty abatement. Under certain circumstances the IRS may waive penalties
  • Installment Agreements. Very often, people cannot pay the entire amount they owe in full. The IRS will consider an Installment Agreement. The goal is to be sure that you are paying an amount that you can afford.
  • Deferral of the Collection process. If your financial situation warrants it, the IRS may determine that you qualify for Currently Not Collectable status. In this case the IRS will give you time to get on your feet.
  • Offer in Compromise. In certain cases, the IRS will settle a case for less than the entire amount due. The requirements are strict, but you can settle for an amount you can afford.
  • Responding to letters and notices asking for documents or proposing changes to your tax return.
  • Spousal Relief, your spouse may owe taxes and you do not.

In all of the above situations, I will work with you to prepare the required financial statements and IRS forms, with the goal of having you pay only the amounts you are required to pay

Common Tax Relief Questions

What is tax relief, and why would someone need tax relief services?

Tax relief is the process of settling issues that you might have with a city, state, or federal tax authorities. These issues come up because you might not agree with the tax authority about the amount you own, or you might have difficulty paying your tax bill.

Issues can include:

  • Unpaid taxes.
  • Liens and levies.
  • Requests for additional documentation.
  • Proposed adjustments to the amount of tax due.
  • Unfiled tax returns.
  • Amended tax returns.
  • Taxes that you may not owe.

The amount you owe might be a stretch to your budget, or you simply might not have the money. My job is to determine the amount that you are legally obligated to pay.

How does tax relief work?

If you get a notice or bill for taxes due, you should ask yourself, “Is this amount correct?” Often amounts billed are not totally correct and you should only pay what you are legally required to pay.

When you get a bill or notice from a tax authority that you do not understand, call me at 440-572-1334. When we talk, we will discuss your situation to determine if and how I can help you. I will ask you for a copy of the letter or bill, and your tax returns for the years in question. After I review your documents, I will call to discuss your options. In many instances, the solution is straight-forward and manageable.

If we agree to work together, the next step is a little more formal. I will send you an engagement letter that will outline our plan, how much it will cost, and attachments for you to sign, to authorize me to represent you.

What areas do you serve for tax relief services?

Most of my clients are in Northeast Ohio, including the Cleveland (Cuyahoga County), Akron (Summit County), and Medina and Lorain county areas. I can work with clients anywhere in the US, and currently have clients who live in New York, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Colorado.

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