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Anyone can benefit from tax planning. Change is constantly occurring. Your life changes over the years. And the tax laws are always changing too. My goal is to keep the most money in your pocket over the long haul. You have unique circumstances and goals. Tax authorities do not consider that, but I do.

Tax Planning discussions come from all kinds of questions that come up during major life events:

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  • Marriage
  • Divorce
  • Having children
  • College planning
  • Starting a business
  • Buying a rental property
  • Selling/closing a business
  • Job changes
  • Unemployment
  • Withdrawals from retirement savings
  • Retirement
  • Children becoming adults and leaving home
  • Helping your children get started
  • Owing back taxes
  • Unfiled tax returns

Common Tax Planning Questions

What is tax planning and why is it important?

Tax Planning can be as simple as looking at your last tax return and your withholding to see what we can change to minimize your tax burden. Or it consists of finding way to deal with major life changes and decisions. The process begins with a discussion of your needs, hopes and desires. Then we develop “What if” scenarios and tax returns that reflect those scenarios.

Often, it starts with a simple question, such as:

“How will getting married impact our taxes?”


“Mom wants to put her house in my name. Will that impact my taxes?”

Often, major life events like these happen together, making taxes complicated. After discussing the details, we work out a “What if” tax return for this year. Then, we talk about the long-range impacts and develop strategies to minimize the tax impact in the future, since tax rules change every year.

What are the benefits of tax planning?

Tax planning saves you money, now and in the future. It is a critical part of planning your life’s journey. You will have better information for your overall financial planning, which will allow you to make smarter purchase and investment decisions.

What areas do you serve for tax planning advice?

Most of my tax planning clients are in Northeast Ohio, including the Cleveland (Cuyahoga County), Akron (Summit County), and Medina and Lorain county areas. I can work with clients anywhere in the US, and currently have clients who live in New York, Maryland, Georgia, North Carolina, Oklahoma, and Colorado.


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